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Formless by Gridlock

When I wrote previously about Oppidan by Access to Arasaka, I started off by stating that I'm becoming less and less interested in the names of movements, sub-movements, and generally the idea that culture needs to be titled. Granted, I'm smart enough to realize that as human beings we need to quantify things as a part of our understanding. I wanted to justify that otherwise the following statement will seem directly contradictory.

I have fallen pretty hard down the rabbit hole of asynchronous electronica. It's a rather natural projection, I suppose, especially when you consider the other interests that comprise Metaversalist. Nevertheless I find that with digital media (and all media really) there is such an over-saturation that it becomes especially important to separate good media from everything else. Formless by Gridlock is good media.

Here's what it does well: it has a great sense of pace, it doesn't just blast ahead with driving beats all the time. It knows how to slow down, and without doing it too often. It gives the music a great sense of breath, which makes it good music to think or work to. I'm not sure I would want to dance to it. The varied sound (can it be called instrumentation? Sure, why not) allows it to stay interesting, it's not repetitive.

I would like a little bit more crunchy digital static/noise (not a ton more, just a bit) but I'm starting to find that I really enjoy it. That and I've noticed how much I enjoy a really light smattering of instrumentation or abstract vocals (both are lacking here.)

It's great, though. Listen to it.